Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure!

CT Business Solutions can offer your business the competitive advantage with a tailored IT support package for to meet your business needs.

You can forget the days of erratic and unpredictable bills you will no longer have to try and fix something yourself because you think it will be faster or cheaper, and your employees will no longer be sitting idle if their system or programs are not working properly.

Partner with CT Business Solutions today to receive instant benefits such as:

  • Quick Response Times to issues
  • Remote support and management of your IT infrastructure
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware protection
  • Windows patching & monitoring
  • 3rd party software management such as adobe reader, flash and java
  • Automated & Monitored backups
  • Monthly reports on network status and work completed

All of this comes at a fixed monthly cost so you know exactly what your paying for and there are no surprises!