What is Office 365?

Microsoft have combined the best of both worlds with this SaaS offering, giving you the day to day products such as Outlook, Word, Excel, & Access bundled up with enterprise grade email and file storage.

Part of this functionality is the cloud integration of email, storage & teleconferencing. Businesses no longer need to invest in local server technology to get enterprise grade email, as the email host is located in the Microsoft Data Centre. Microsoft do the routine backup, maintenance and updating of the email hosting.

Similarly with each subscription Microsoft also offers a compelling scenario for off-site storage with 1TB per user cloud storage and file sharing in the cloud.

Planning, Migration and Management

While Office 365 is the new product for businesses using the Microsoft Office suite of products, moving your current set up maybe more difficult than you realise given the Cloud hosted nature of the product. As a Microsoft Partner we have done extensive training and gained significant experience in understanding how to make a migration on budget & time with minimum business disruption.

User Training

With any new technology, training is key! We offering training sessions to ensure your team can get the most out of the Microsoft cloud to increase productivity and reduce risk.

For more information, please view the video below and get in touch with us!