Data Backup & Recovery - Would you be able to recover tomorrow if all your data was compromised?

Does your business have a regularly tested backup and a recovery plan that would allow you to retrieve all of your most critical information?

Cloud based backup that gives you the peace of mind your business needs.

Data backup is essential for your business to recover in-case of a cyber attack or natural disaster! Experts have found that 93% of businesses that lose their data for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.

We've partnered with key providers to ensure we can provide a backup solution that suits every clients needs while also ensuring cost effectiveness and reliability in-case of disaster.

Our specialists begin by reviewing your current solutions, the amount and type of data you have. We then work with you to establish your critical needs and review all of the information we have gathered to present our recommendation on the best solution to fit your needs and budget. We will also take your future goals into consideration so we can provide a solution that will be flexible enough to fit your long term needs.

The solutions that we offer as standard have advanced monitoring and regular testing to ensure they are operational so that you know they can be relied on in-case of disaster. We're able to do backups from just key files or folders on workstations to backing up entire servers* to an off-site location which can ensure in-case of disaster, your business can recover.

*requires high speed internet connection for entire server backup.